Embrace the day.

Our ultra-lightweight baby carrier supports your active lifestyle, with a sleek, detachable lumbar support belt you can even wear during pregnancy.

For changing bodies and active lives.

At Nessl, our physician-designed products address the unique realities of the female body during and after pregnancy. We center those needs and experiences in everything we do.

Baby carrier and lumbar support belt, thoughtfully combined.

Back and hip friendly.

  • detachable lumbar support belt for pregnancy and beyond
  • front and back carry, certified infant hip-healthy
  • easy-to-attach upper back strap

Lightweight fabric technology.

  • ultra-thin, durable exterior
  • soft, sweat-wicking interior
  • up to 1 lb. lighter than other carriers

Quick and easy transitions.

  • secure baby, then lift and attach
  • magnetically guided buckle holds 100+ lbs.
  • easy transfer to and from stroller or playmat

“We absolutely love the Nessl Baby Carrier. We’ve tried other high-end carriers in the past, but what we love about the Nessl carrier is its ease of use and the quality fabrics.”

Areej M.

“As a physician, I would recommend the Nessl Baby Carrier to any parent… It’s lightweight and the elegant fabric feels great!”

Dr. Kate Hoppock, DO

“We really loved the Nessl Baby Carrier and purchased another as a gift for our friend!”

Nour S.

“The straps are ergonomic and adjustable for each parent's body type. Because it is modular, there is less to wash and dry when needed.”

Michael and Megan C.

Designed by a physician, mom, and back-pain specialist.

Our founder, Lena Shahbandar, M.D., used her professional and personal experience to create the baby carrier that moms need and families love.

Awards and Recognition

“The Nessl Baby Carrier has been acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a ‘hip-healthy’ product for inward facing use.”