“The world wasn’t working for my patients. So I had to change the world.”

Lena Shahbandar, M.D.

Our founder, Lena Shahbandar, M.D., is a physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation. She has more than 15 years of experience treating women who suffer from pain associated with pregnancy and postpartum life.

During her own pregnancy, Lena dealt with the back and joint pain that many pregnant women endure as their bodies change to accommodate their growing babies. As a new parent on the go, Lena experienced just how awkward and uncomfortable it was to avoid disturbing your baby as you move them through the day.

Between the countless patients Lena has treated in her extensive career, and her own experiences as a mom, she felt an urgent need for parents to safely transport their babies without compromising their physical comfort. She spent four years pouring her medical expertise and knowledge into a scientific solution: a baby carrier that lets you easily move your baby and lead a full life without pain.

Made for motherhood, every step of the way.

Moms’ bodies transform during and after pregnancy. The joints loosen and the center of gravity changes as mom’s body makes way for the baby. Even after baby arrives, it takes time to recover. Treating her patients, Lena saw how challenging it is to carry babies and their gear, especially when your back hurts. She developed the Nessl Baby Carrier make it easy to navigate everyday life and be a parent, too.

Moms need support—and deserve our care.

Our mission at Nessl is to create innovative products designed to help real bodies live real lives. Through practical, science-driven design, we’re empowering women to lead full and healthy lives as parents. Our product helps parents create the lifestyle they want for their families without missing a beat.

Giving back to the world of women’s health.

Nessl is dedicated to supporting the health and wellbeing of mothers and their babies. A percentage of our revenues will go towards educational, research, and charitable organizations that do critical work in these areas.